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ALKA REX - Orleans Bardel EP

Enigmatic duo Alka Rex have slowly been cultivating their form of minimal electronics for almost ten years now, appearing on label like Wolf & Lamb, Brooklyn's Thema and London's Multi Vitamins. This Orleans Bardel EP, with fascinating artwork, is by far their best work to date and their sound isn't too far off the antics of what Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer can get up to. The burps of bass and reverberating clunks of "Bosca Brew" will make you feel as though you're in the closed closet of Chris Cunningham's "Rubber Johnny" video (the quieter periods), while "Koldun Ne Spit" is linear in comparison, but equally haunting. Twisted carnival themes make their way into the title-track which is given a clubber, more functional rework by Melchior Productions, while Kamran Sadeghi remix is as minimal as it gets!
reviewed by Juno

Written and produced by Eddie Krilov and Sasha Kaline.
Additional production and remix by Thomas Melchior and Kamran Sadeghi.
Mastering and cutting at Schnittstelle.

Artwork by Igor Skaletsky.
Worldwide distribution by Word and Sound.
Nervmusic Records © 2015

Release date: 20 april 2015

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