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SEUIL - Planet 974 EP

French minimal house auteur Seuil is back on the scene and on form too. Dabbling in fairly naff deep house for the last few years, he's gone back to what he does best; clicky and quirky reductionist groove as seen also on his other collaboration Hold Youth with Le Loup. The bumpy and bleepy bassline working with a wacky micro-sampled rhythm section on "Vespere & Bongos" demands your attention. As does the tremendous remix by The Mole; a tad more dancefloor friendly and working those bongo drums infectiously well. The claustrophobic and beatless glitch-fest that is "Snow White" repeats the pitch-shifted phrase "so what are we doing?" It doesn't do much, but that's what's so good about it!
reviewed by Juno

Written and produced by Alexis Benard.
Additional production and remix by Colin de la Plante.
Mastering and cutting by Andreas at Schnittstelle.

Artwork by Igor Skaletsky.
Worldwide distribution by Word and Sound.
Nervmusic Records © 2015

Release date: 21 sep 2015

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